Our Story

Find Yours, Find Yourself – Jewelry that Inspires

      My name is Summer and I am a working mom, just like many of you. I started LaDual because I believe that every person has a dual side to them - an inner animal that embraces all of your good qualities and is the source of your strength. My hope for our jewelry is that you can find inspiration in a piece that not only speaks to your animal side but also reminds you to look for the beauty that already resides in you.

      Growing up, I lived with more than twenty different animal friends from dogs and cats to canaries and hedgehogs. I have always felt a special connection to animals. They could always tell when I was happy or sad and they would comfort me but also they depended on and supported one another. As time has passed, these memories of the extraordinary animals I grew up with, have given me joy and inspiration in the times that I needed it most. Our animal pendants are a reminder and a symbol of the qualities that we find reflected in our animal counterparts.

      My second inspiration is the pearl because it is another symbol of strength and perseverance. My pearl moment came three years ago when I was visiting my mother at the hospital. At that time, her health was deteriorating by the day, due to the ongoing chemotherapy after her breast cancer surgery. That day she wanted to give me her favorite pearl pendant, which meant a great deal to her. She couldn’t sit up from the bed, but whispered to me: “No matter what life throws at you, make it a pearl”. I had heard something similar before but it was then and there that it truly resonated in my heart. That necklace became a symbol of the strength and hope required to overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

     Today, that gift continues to inspire what LaDual is to become. My hope is that you will not only find something that you like here, but that you will also find something that inspires you. Our jewelry is meant to symbolize what is most important to you and give you the courage needed to face the challenges of your own, daily quest. We also believe that the world is interconnected and it is our responsibility to support each other in that quest. That’s why a part of what you, and we do here, is donated to animal shelters and families afflicted with cancer. At LaDual, you are not just a customer; you are a partner as well. So give your jewelry a purpose and join a network of human beings with animal strength. Find yours, find yourself.